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AI-1779VC refers to a flux cored nickel wire filled with Fused Tungsten Carbide (FTC) granules set within a Nickel matrix including elements of Chrome, Boron, Silicon and ultra-hard (3000HV0.1) refractory carbides. It is designed for semi-automatic welding.

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Pallet 60pc ER70S-6 Mig Welding Wire .045 44lb Rolls $ 2,640.00 $ 2,640.00 ER70S-6 Mig Welding Wire .035 44 lbs $ 89.95 $ 89.95 ER70S-6 Mig Welding Wire .045 44 lbs $ 89.95 $ 89.95 ER70S-6 Mig Welding Wire .030 44 lbs $ 89.95 $ 89.95 Quick Links

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Self Shielding (Gasless). Hard Facing 36-0 Gasless MIG Wire 1.6mm 15kg Spool Weld Flux. Hard Facing CN65 GASLESS MIG Wire- 1.6mm x 15kg spool- Weldi. 15kg Spool. Hard Facing 3Ni MIG Wire- 1.6mm x 15kg spool- Welding Wire S.

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Amtec Welding Products Product alog Electrodes Hard Surfacing 06/17/2015 Electrodes • Hard Surfacing 0 Comments Amtec 63 is a high speed chromium carbide hardsurfacing alloy with 31% chrome content, and an alloyed core wire that has The


Hard-facing or cladding generally means applying an extra layer to a metal base material using a welding procedure with the objective of achieving a higher wear resistance against abrasion, erosion, cavitation and corrosion. The nature of the materials to be applied

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Hard Facing 55FC GASLESS MIG Welding Wire - 0.9mm x 0.9kg Mini Spool. Hard Facing 420-O GASLESS MIG Wire- 1.6mm x 15kg spool- Weld. Hard Facing CN65 GASLESS MIG Wire- 1.6mm x 15kg spool- Weldi. " See all Item description

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700 series hardfacing electrodes for ''general purpose'' hard-facing of ground-engaging implements and similar appliions. View details here… A high-performance yet very versatile and easy-to-use hard-facing MIG welding wire. Being a solid wire, PLATINUM SD-980

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Stoody Hard Facing Wires improve product lifespans Established in 1921, Stoody leads the way in producing hard facing welding wires designed to fight many types of wear and corrosion. The Stoody range of products includes iron, nickel, cobalt, tungsten and vanadium based alloys suitable for mining, construction, steel, oil and gas and the pulp and paper industry.

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Hard surfacing of direct welding Cast Iron for sliding place to the cold-press molds. Hard surfacing Of all kind of Cast Iron & Flame-Hardening Casting Steels, etc. For Edge-guild Up welding to Cast Iron Molds. Hard Surfacing of hot-working tools, forging tools, etc.

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2011/1/19· A lot of hard surfacing wires are gasless. The ingress of atmosphere helps to harden the alloy. If you use them with gas you could end up with a softer deposit. The hardest isnt always best, some of the very hard alloys are also brittle. One of the most versatile is the

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Cronatron VX H10 Carbide Hard Facing MIG Welding Wire 1/16" Cronatron VX - H10 Carbide Hard Facing MIG Welding Wire, Flux Cored, 55 to 63 HRC Hardness, DCRP Polarity, Crushers and Hammers, 1/16" (25 US Pounds) Description A selection of alloys to

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The Harris Products Group is a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of brazing, soldering and welding alloys and equipment, cutting and heating equipment

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Wire Feed Speed – The rate at which wire is consumed in arc cutting, thermal spraying, or welding. Work Angle – The angle less than 90deg. between a line that is perpendicular to the cylindrical pipe surface at the point of intersection of the weld axis and the extension of the electrode axis, and a plane determined by the electrode axis and a line tangent to the pipe at the same point.

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These high-chromium, carbide-alloy steel, hard surfacing electrodes are used for buildup on carbon, low-alloy or austenitic manganese metals. They have excellent abrasion resistance, good impact and improved corrosion resistance.

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Surfacing by Oxy-Acetylene Welding: The oxy-acetylene welding process, shown schematically in Fig. 18.1 can be used for surfacing with portable and relatively inexpensive equipment. This process is characterised by slower heating and cooling rates for the base metal which leads to very little dilution of the overlay by the base metal and also tends to facilitate greater precision of placement.