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“AJISPER” is pigment dispersing agents developed based on AFT’s surface chemistry technology with a vast reserve of experience. “AJISPER PB822” is a basic type dispersing agent, and suitable to get ideal dispersion of organic pigments and carbon black.

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Dispersing agent 5007 also named as fluidising agent. It is mainly suitable for dispersing of carbon black and CuPc blue and green in oil based & solvent based along with 5577, 5371, 5015, 5024, 5013, 5019, 7001, 5474, 38500F3 etc.

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Standard of the series: pigment dispersant for industrial paints, high concentrated RFPC, incl. carbon black. Polyurethane polymer, multi-anchoring. HMV polymer. Click Here Pat-Add DA 947 Polymeric dispersing agent for industrial solvent-borne paints and

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High performance dispersing aid in colour masterbatches and carbon black based Masterbatches. Libnol 101 Fatty Acid Derivative Liquid-0.5-1.0 Wetting and dispersing agent for titanium dioxide and inorganic pigments. Libnol 400 Fatty Acid Derivative Liquid-0.5-2

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Aqueous carbon black dispersions for use in inks, paints, coatings, high-end graphic arts, paper, building products and a variety of other appliions. For Paper Solution Dispersions ® provides a variety of carbon black dispersions to fit the needs of the paper industry.

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Carbon Black: Theory and Uses in Thermoset Composite Appliions Mark S. Harber & John J. Young October 3-6, 2001 ABSTRACT Carbon black is an intense black powder or bead that functions as an indispensable pigmenting and property modifying agent

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China Dispersing Agent CNF For Dyes with High-Quality, Leading Dispersing Agent CNF For Dyes Manufacturers & Suppliers, find Dispersing Agent CNF For Dyes Factory & Exporters. Product name: Dispersing Agent CNF CAS NO: 36290-04-7 M.F C 21 H 14 Na 2 O 6 S 2

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Dispersing agents are oligomers or polymers that aid in the stabilization of pigments and fillers. At the core of every dispersing agent, there must be a wetting agent in order to facilitate the first step in the dispersion process – wetting out the pigment. The major

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12/11/2016· Dispersing Additives : How to stabilize the pigments 41 42. Adsorption/Anchoring of Dispersing agent on Pigment Surface 42 43. Anchoring Mechanisms As the nature of the surface of pigments differ, according to their chemical type, many different

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Dispersing Agent NNO (Disperant NNO) CAS NO. 36290-04-7 Solubility: the product has good solubility, dispersant NNO is soluble in any hard water, anionic type; Stability: acid resistance, alkali resistance, heat resistance, hard water, inorganic

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carbon black paint dispersing agent $9.00-$10.00 / キログラム 500 キログラム () 1 YRS 100.0% おいわせ OxディスパーTL-300カーボンブラック $5.00-$20.00

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acid carbon black as we mentioned at the beginning (Figure-4) We used Disparlon DA-703-50 (the amount added was 60% of the pigment weight) as the dispersant and a batch-type test sand mill as the dispersing machine. When the additive was not used, the

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It is an ideal Dispersing Agent for Titanium Dioxide in Solvent based Systems. “Additive 4151" (An Excellent Dispersant for Carbon Black) Technocrat has found it challenging to produce Black Coating with high degree of Jetness. “Additive 4151” is ideal addition

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The copper phthalocyanine molecule has been modified by the addition of polymeric chains to give a particularly effective dispersing agent for copper phthalocyanine pigments. Alternatively, derivatives with substituted ionic groups can be used to activate the surface of a pigment and make it receptive to the charged anchor group of a polymeric dispersant.

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ADDITOL® XL 6521 by allnex is a high molecular wetting and dispersing agent with ionic character for carbon black and organic pigments. It is suitable for solventborne, solvent-free and high solid systems such as high quality car refinish, industrial lacquers, printing inks and pigment pastes.