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2 Infant Nutrition Module In accordance with Federal law and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) policy, this institution is prohibited from discriminating on the basis of race, color, national origin, , age, or disability. To file a complaint of discrimination, write

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WIC participants receive benefits such as vouchers to purchase healthy foods at no cost to participant, nutrition eduion and counseling, and health screenings - growth and weight assessments for pregnant women, infants and children.

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preparation, including sterilization techniques and mixing powdered and concentrated liquid formulas. The staff meer will present the lesson to the supervising nutritionist, using the prepared outline as a guide. b. Demonstrate the correct procedures for formula

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Similac Sensitive Infant Formula is an easy-to-digest, milk based formula designed for sensitive tummies. Our baby formula is a nutritionally complete formula designed for fussiness and gas due to lactose sensitivity and features OptiGRO, our exclusive blend of DHA, Lutein and Vitamin to help support your baby''s overall growth, brain, eye and immune system development.

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WIC state agencies are required by law to have competitively bid infant formula rebate contracts with infant formula manufacturers. This means WIC state agencies agree to provide one brand of infant formula and in return the manufacturer gives the state agency a rebate for each can of infant formula purchased by WIC participants.

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Ready-to-use: Usually delivered in individual bottles, ready-to-use formula arrives in liquid form and requires no preparation. While this can be useful in some situations like while traveling or at a theme park, the large increase in cost means that most parents will …

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How to make up formula milk feeds for your baby correctly and safely. Good hygiene is very important when making up a formula feed. Your baby''s immune system is not as strong as an adult''s. That''s why bottles, teats and any other feeding equipment need to be

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Formula proportions Follow these guidelines to prepare standard infant formula to 20 calories/oz. Formula Type Preparation Ready-to-use No mixing is required. Concentrate (liquid) Shake can well before opening. Mix equal amounts of formula and clean

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The WIC Program: Cost-Effective Health Care Costs: • Spent on prenatal WIC participation saves $1.77 to $3.13 in Medicaid costs powdered infant formula in the amount that meets and most closely matches the volume consumed up to the maximum WIC

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Formula products were collected from one large UK supermarket in 2002. Nuer of different types of infant formula preparations available for sale were determined, together with scoop sizes for powdered preparations. Results: Only five studies were identified

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• Powdered formula needs to be mixed with water. f Once mixed, use this formula within 24 hours. f This type of formula costs the least. Water from your faucet is often clean enough to use unless it is supplied by a well or your house has old pluing. Old If you

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For clarifiion, the powdered formula being tested for the bacteria is not a WIC approved formula. No formula offered by the WIC program has been implied in the investigation. As a reminder, when reconstituting powdered formula, it is recommended that

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Powdered formula— most common, least expensive form of formula. ii. Concentrate formula. iii. Ready-to-feed formula. d. Primary contract formulas . i. Under the Child Nutrition Act of 1966, formula for all WIC Programs is selected via a competitive, sealed

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Food List Allowed Food Guide Authority: P.A. 368 of 1978 • DCH-0237 • Rev. 3/11 MDCH is an Equal Opportunity Employer, Services and Programs Provider. 675,000 printed at $.08 cents each with a total cost of $51,901.05. Effective March 1, 2011 Michigan WIC

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ELECARE is a 20 Cal/fl oz, nutritionally complete amino acid-based formula for infants who cannot tolerate intact or hydrolyzed protein. It is indied for the dietary management of protein maldigestion, malabsorption, severe food allergies, short-bowel syndrome, eosinophilic GI disorders, GI-tract impairment, or other conditions in which an amino acid-based diet is required.