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We also import and arrngre superior quality of green pet coke from the Chinese market. It is an abbreviated form for ''''petroleum coke'''' that is made available in different types as well as in grade options. Some of the other varieties it can be made available by us include calcined pet coke and raw pet coke.


Resorbent, s.r.o. RESORBENT, s.r.o., founded in 1999, is based in Ostrava, the centre of the coal mining industry in the Czech Republic. We produce and sell a broad range of carbon materials, from anthracite through coal, petroleum coke, calcined anthracite and pitch coke to a …

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Petroleum coke weighs 2.23 gram per cubic centimeter or 2 230 kilogram per cubic meter, i.e. density of petroleum coke is equal to 2 230 kg/m³; at 20°C (68°F or 293.15K) at standard atmospheric pressure.In Imperial or US customary measurement system, the density is equal to 139.214 pound per cubic foot [lb/ft³], or 1.29 ounce per cubic inch [oz/inch³] .

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Description. RELATION WITH COKE:in the process of scrap metal smelting, metallurgical coke and foundry coke andhas low sulfur content, high ash content and low fixed carbon content, carbon anode scrap(other name:carbon anode butts) show opposite characteristics as fixed carbon content is more than 97%.But the sulfur content of the carbon anode scrap is usually about 2%.So it is used


It comes from Alabama and is bituminous coal or known as coal-coke. It is coke made from good soft coal. This will burn very hot. (This is not petroleum coke and it is not made from anthracite coal either.) Special Pricing: If you buy 5-9 bags you will save 5%. If you buy 10 or more you will save 10% ! Handling is $4 per package on all UPS coke

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Five Coke Breeze Backfills. Asbury 218-L Backfill is an industry standard calcined petroleum coke. It is a perfect choice in situations where backfill must be top loaded. The density and angular nature of Asbury 218-L allow it to settle quickly into position. Asbury 218-L is a coarsely screened product.

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SHAMOKIN CARBONS prides itself on being a One Stop Carbon Shop. SHAMOKIN has a complete series of carbons for every hot metals appliion - Carbon Raisers, Recarburizers, Charge Carbons, Pelletized Carbons, Injection Carbons, Slag Foaming Carbons, Cover Carbons, Trim Carbons, Alloying Carbons, Ladle Additions, Stream Additions, Mold Washes, Core Washes, Pluago, Risering …

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Different size of Foundary Coke, Electro pitch ( coal Tar pitch pencils and lumps, Ammonium Nitrade ( Porous Prills and Technical grade 34, 8 N2, , Ammonium Bicarbonate industry Ediable Grade,

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1-5mm calcined petroleum coke CPC/Factory supply high quality calcined petroleum Graphite Petroleum Coke, US $ 400.

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Properties in Petroleum Coke Table 2 Typical Properties of Green Petroleum Cokes Proximate, wt % (Dry-basis) A B C Moisture 0.28 0.21 0.26 Volatile 9.9 12.2 10,7 Ash 0.09 0.06 0,04 Sulphur 1.7 1.57 1.16 Data from Table 2 show that coke A is produced from the feedstock with a higher sulphur content than coke

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GCP FZE supplies the raw materials for many industries. We offer supplies of Petroleum Cokes, Soda Ash, Coal Tar Pitch, Caustic Soda.


Calcined petroleum coke for pre-cultured anode. Calcined petroleum coke for pre-cultured anode. Calcined petroleum coke for electrodes. Calcined petroleum coke for electrodes. 0.2-1mm Carbonizing Agent. 1-3mm recarburizer. Calcined petroleum coke recarburizer 1-5MM. 5-10mm low sulfur low ash calcined petroleum coke.

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Low S Carbon additive/ Graphite Petroleum Coke/Aritifical Graphite Scraps S 0.05MAX FC98.5min SIZE 1-5 2-6

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Calcined Pitch Coke. Get Quote. Raw Petroleum Coke, Packaging Type: Bag And Loose. Rs 12,000/ Metric Ton Get Latest Price. Form: Powder , Crystals , Granules . Petroleum Coke/Petcoke is erived from oil refining and is one type of group of fuels referred …